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Canada offers the opportunity to immigrate as a Business Investor by buying or investing in a Canadian business. Bargain Pluss Canadian Immigration Services can assist and guide you through your application for permanent residency as a business investor, ensuring your business plan and concepts are portrayed in an outstanding presentation.

You can work in Canada as a Skilled Worker under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry Programs: Federal Skilled Worker,  Federal Skilled Trades or Canadian Experience Class. You can also work and immigrate through the Provincial Nominee Programs. Our provinces offer opportunities for qualified immigrants looking to make Canada their home.

Eligible family members can immigrate and enjoy family reunification through the Family Class.

If you do not qualify for the Temporary Foreign Worker or Provincial Nominee Programs, studying in Canada is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills, and work here as well, since you meet certain criteria. Educational programs or courses lasting longer than 6 months require a Study Permit.

A Temporary Visa can also be requested for visiting, working or studying in Canada.

Need assistance to choose the best option for you? Count on us!

We tailor our work to meet your individual needs understanding the commitment required in choosing a new country as your home.

Immigration & Hospitality

Business, Entrepreneurs & Investors:

We at Bargain plus welcome you with open arms, everytime you wish to come to Canada or the U.S., either for a business event, business meetings, conference or for any other personal reasons; BP wil assist you to make your trip, travel and stay a very comfortable and memorable. It does not matter if you come from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East or Oceanic. Bargain plus can help you establish yourself right here in Canada, we have qualified and experienced immigration lawyers and consultants ready to pave the way for your full access in Canada. Our program includes - Airport pickup and drop off

Our Services Include:

Limousine chauffeur service:

We have all types of luxurious sedans or full size limousine with chauffeurs.

Personal security service :

We have private security or body guard for your personal protection, some of them are specialists in Judo, Karate, Boxing and trained mixed martial arts of self defense.

Drink & Appetizer :

To accomodate you, we go the extra mile. We have champaigne, wine, vodka, whisky, beer, juice or quality water and much more.

Business lady hostess :

We have several quality, beautiful, charming and intelligent lady hostesses to assist you for your convention, conference, show, business trips or personal shopping to assist you for companionship. - Our business lady can be there for any airport pickup or drop off. - Our business lady hostess can be your companion in any travel in North America, overseas or internationally for your cruise, boat, train or air travel in any transfer location.

Accomodation & Booking Services:( )

Bargain plus can arrange any booking or reservation for your hotel, motel, condominium, house rentals or mansions. We can assist you with any executive suite for your stay in Canada or North America. BP can also help you find a location for your conference, convention or business board room.

Shopping Support & Investment:

If you are looking to buy a condo, house, investment property, car, truck, boat, machinery, equipment, you can truly count on us. We can assist you if you decide to buy a business or franchise in Canada or the USA.

Opening a Bank Account:

We can direct you in any banks in Canada or North America in order to open your bank account, Bargain Plus will provide you with the best advice and consulting service possible when you decide to do business by opening a personal, a business or a corporate account or for any major investment & financial request in North America

International Foreign Student:

Bargain plus can help you in the new direction you want to take. We know how hard it is when you want to establish yourself in a new country such as Canada or the US. We understand the hurdles and barriers you may face. That's the reason why we are here just for you. - For school registration: We can personally get involved in your school, college, university, technical or international language school in Canada or the US. We will assist you for a full registration. - Full Accomodation & Hospitality: BP will assist and help you find a studio or apartment ( ), a condo or a house rental that suits your budget and income.

Service Support:

BP will assist you in providing direction and good advice in your shoppings, in how to find things around you and by providing assistance when you need it. We assist you for airport pickup or drop off.

Student Lady Hostess:

When you need someone to go with you to a school event, party, restaurant, dinner, movie, etc. Our student lady hostess can assist you anytime you request it.

General Policy & Agreement for Immigrants:

While you visit Canada or the US. BP cannot be responsible for your actions, decisions or behaviour. You are mature enough to make your own choices and selections in life. BP is just here to assist you. BP is not responsible for any criminal actions or transactions. - A decent code of behaviour is expected from you. Use of common sense and good judgement in all your actions and decisions. BP cannot be held responsible or liable in any lawsuits or court of laws for your bad behavior. - All clients are required to read the general policy and agreement.


We can assist you as a business , student or workers to immigrate and established yourself in the United States Of America, either as one new investors, business person, entrepreneur , skilled workers or student for College or University, we do have a great Network connection in the US, if you are serious and interested please contact us directly


Let us assist you if you desire to immigrate to Canada to work, study,, do business, invest, to join your family , we have a professional network of specialist ready to work for you, do not take the chance to make a mistake and spoil all your chance, consult us our knowledge is vital, our information crucial, make your dream come true with us .


Yes we can assist you for the LOTTERY USA, Green card & Visa in the United States Of America with all the necessary information, preparation so you can have the best chance possible to come , study, live or work here we do have prominent Lawyers and consultant working closely with us, why make ridiculous mistake because of lack of information contact us for the LOTTERY USA., give yourself the most chance.

Business Investment Programs

Business, Entrepreneurs & Investors:

Business owners within Canada may choose to partner with qualified foreign investors or business persons to increase the capital investment or personal investment in their business. At Bargain pluss we begin by qualifying your Canadian business with a comprehensive review of operations and a business plan that will be assessed by a foreign businessperson or investor. Representatives of Bargain pluss are then able to pair a qualified Canadian business with the ideal foreign businessperson or investor.

This opportunity allows a Canadian business to obtain foreign investment through direct sale of the entire business or through the sale of a minimum 33.3% share of the business

For more information on the qualifications for Canadian Immigration Business Investment Programs click the button below!

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